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Kohn's Bargain Mart, by Becky Haletky
Kohn's Bargain Mart


A collection of watercolors featuring a vanishing American landscape.

Jackie O, by Becky Haletky
Jackie O

Italy, Greece & Portugal, Etc.

Paintings drawn from Becky's experience leading watercolor workshops in Italy and Greece, and a recent trip to Portugal.

Connemara, by Becky Haletky

England, Ireland & Scotland

Watercolors from Becky's many workshops in Ireland and adventures in Scotland.

Neighbors, by Becky Haletky


Becky loves to capture moments with her friends, family and sometimes total strangers. Her latest work features swimming selfies.

Al Mac's, by Becky Haletky
Al Mac's

Collages & Acrylics

This work represents Becky's most recent creative ventures.

Joan's View, by Becky Haletky
Joan's View


Becky will paint virtually anything on commission. Please visit the sampling of work in this gallery and contact her for pricing.